10 Ideas For A Fantastic Garden

10 Ideas For A Fantastic Garden

In this Book of Ideas we will propose 10 ideas for the garden of our experienced architects and landscapers. Tips and tricks to have an ever-welcoming and orderly garden, to enjoy in security and total relaxation the exterior of the house, well-maintained and tastefully decorated and functionally furnished spaces. Let’s see how follow us.

Spaces entirely dedicated to relaxation

In the garden, they must find very often the unpleasant elements, such as trash bin and garbage collection, which we all would do without having around solasbars. In this case, the solution can be to cut out protected areas in the garden, sheltered from hedges like the one we see, which leave the presence of the unpleasant elements, cutting out completely dedicated spaces for relaxation.

Liven up the garden

Planters and vases often represent the very soul of a garden. To make it livable and renewed, a small painting-painting operation can suffice. In this way it will be possible to introduce a color note, but also to renew the look of the flower boxes.

Limit the lawn

To close and effectively limit the presence of the lawn in the garden, a trace along the perimeter or an entire gravel-covered area can represent the right solution. As we can see in this picture, the drainage layer could also have room for a pedestal, for a conversation area equipped with garden furniture such as the sofas we see, arranged around the wood-burning fireplace.

Upcycling for the garden

The garden is the ideal space to give space to the uptic, that is to say, the practice of restoring and retrieving old-fashioned objects to life, for example, as original and rich style vases and flower boxes.

Try new garden furniture

To give new life to the garden configuration, whenever possible, you can replace them with different furniture, different styles and designs, to transform the space according to your wishes.
A multifunctional solution

A structure like the one we see, with iron covering and transparent glass walls, can be very effective not just to enjoy the garden in any kind of condition, but also to keep it in order by getting inside the space to collect the tools for The care and maintenance of the garden.

The artificial grass option

Certainly it will not be like the natural one, but in terms of care and maintenance the artificial grass option is great to save you time and effort. And the results can be very effective, as we see in this picture.

A good watering system

For those who have to care for and keep a lawn in order and always lush, the need for a good watering system is very important and saves energy and time, and even water, precious to use with care and with judgment.

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