8 Right Colors For The Wall Behind The Bed

8 Right Colors For The Wall Behind The Bed

What are the right colors for the wall behind the bed Let’s find out with our experts. From navy blue navy lines to romantic blue sky to fine gold, here are many suggestions to give a touch of innovation to our bedroom and make it unique. Because the bedroom is not just the room we sleep in, but a real nest where we take refuge to regain privacy and regenerate ourselves from the stress of the day. For this it is important to decorate it so that it can be comfortable as well as our taste. And what element can be more specific to the color in interior decoration According to chromotherapy a particular hue is in fact able to influence our mood and consequently our psychic well-being. Let us then scroll together the images of this Book of Ideas and let us inspire!

Blue navy

To give life to a relaxing environment, chromotherapy recommends to focus on cool colors, such as blue, inspiring tranquility and wisdom. In this classic-style bedroom proposed by EASY RESTRUCTURING, for example, a cool blue navy was chosen, in a striped composition alternating with white. The result is a cool but elegant ambiance at the same time, perfect for both the seaside home – perhaps overlapping with textiles with the same stitch pattern – and a refined apartment in the city.


When the size of the bedroom is reduced the interior designer’s advice is to aim at neutral colors, ideal for amplifying space perception. In this project, for example, the experts of the STUDIO MOB ARCHITECTS have chosen the delicate tonalities of the tuberos to create an intimate and refined environment, despite the fact that the surface is not very wide. The extra touch we play with the white, to create intriguing contrasts.

Painting the wall behind the blue sky bed will give us the feeling of bringing our open space into our room. To complement the effect we could decorate it with romantic motives inspired by nature, as we can admire in this proposal, to really recreate the sky in a room.


Why settle for a color only To make our room more modern, we could paint the wall behind the bed with a two-tone fantasy for us to choose 2-tone tone or if we opt for contrast, we can see in this example white and blue proposed From SOLD TO FIRST VIEW.

Red vermilion

Vibrant and stimulating, red is often not recommended by chromotherapy experts because it is considered not suitable for relaxation. If, however, we do not know how to withstand the charm of a scarlet room, the advice is to choose a vermilion shade for the wall behind the bed we could approach a white head as we see in this SANSON ARCHITETI proposal to make it less aggressive, Overall effect and create a great effect contrast.

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