Go deficiency or excellence car TOYOTA SIENTA

Toyota Sieta become the most iconic car brand Toyota MPV family. Thus today from car manufacturers that support the greatest product in Indonesia has become much choice car freight car for your family. We still remember the greatness of cars toyota innova always do innovation and additional features of the newest features.

Likewise, the car that Toyota Avanza million people who already have their own image in the eyes of fans. For consumers in Indonesia cars made by Toyota cars already embedded in the hearts of most people. So most of the latest generation cars that are made in the factory Toyota always gets a warm welcome in the community.


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TOYOTA SIENTA car comes with complete features and also with the backing of the latest series engines from Toyota, but when viewed from the side of the purchase, the excellence TOYOTA SIENTA is not comparable with the enthusiast community to immediately drive it. Where it can be seen from the value of sales of cars TOYOTA SIENTA are less appropriate. Indeed, many factors affect the sales figures of a car, especially a family car that has a large enough capacity.

 As we together know that the emergence TOYOTA SIENTA conjunction with the release of auto car types LCGC who has one major advantage that is earmarked for the grassroots, so that the price of car types LCGC is arguably cheap, but on the other hand to see the car’s very prestigious so when juxtaposed with car standard car as honda jazz. This you can see when a car or cars Daihatsu Toyota Agya ayla red cross, of course, at first glance similar to honda jazz passable.

Not to mention the blow of the latest products the toyota alone or included in the Astra group that is also Daihatsu, then lacing it will overwrite the car sales TOYOTA SIENTA this because it seemed to sink by the frenetic car mini MPV like Toyota Calya and also cars Daihatsu Sigra that as we out of the second car’s design has a fairly luxurious, energetic, stylis and also elegant, so that we can be sure sales of both car type mini MPV will be in demand in the future.

In terms of sales price, then the price TOYOTA SIENTA much more expensive than the purchase price of similar cars, because as we know that the position of the car TOYOTA SIENTA selling price is slightly above the price of the Toyota Avanza and Toyota Innova price bottom. In short Cars TOYOTA SIENTA comes to penetrate the upper middle market, so it is not so influenced by the presence of a mini MPV type car car. But in fact the glamor TOYOTA SIENTA if drowning in the presence of a breakthrough car cars such as Toyota and Daihatsu cars Calya Sigra.


So when you are planning to buy a standard MPV type car, especially Toyota Sienta would be better if foreseeing any deficiency or excess cars TOYOTA SIENTA. Therefore, by studying the shortcomings and advantages of TOYOTA SIENTA, then after you buy the car TOYOTA SIENTA either with cash or credit can certainly eliminate the shortcomings Sienta with the addition of accessories or complete. Thus TOYOTA SIENTA your car will certainly be more perfect and more comfortable for long trips with the whole family.

TOYOTA SIENTA car shortage

  • Although the design is pretty good and stylis but the models are slim and tall body will certainly be bewildered if invited twisted contortion in high speed, let alone a zig zag path.
  • If we get in the car Sienta especially when sitting in the rearmost or third row bench then you will know if it is not exactly the same as the second row bench, so that when you sit together will be more narrow. So the bench at the tail sienta more suitable for your children.
  • Thus must also be highlighted parts like TOYOTA SIENTA are also narrower because the model is slightly tapered to the rear. So if you are carrying luggage quite a lot, then it must give the rear seats to be folded.

Excellence cars TOYOTA SIENTA

  • The use of car fuel TOYOTA SIENTA proved to be very efficient, at least for 1 liter can for a distance of ± 20 km. this is thanks to the engine technology used to power hybrid TOYOTA SIENTA. One type of hybrid cars are increasingly kendarasan driven at high speed, the power is increasing and more stable.
  • Car TOYOTA SIENTA apply the latest machine series L4 DOHC 16-valve VVT-IE with the advantages of the transmission system Super CVT-i that has greater power with spontaneous acceleration.
  • TOYOTA SIENTA car design is very luxurious, especially in the face. Grille design is quite luxurious with a trapezoidal design, reinforced with LED lights display the rather posh, so the car can be lined with cars on it.

Now agan agan all those are some advantages as well as the shortage of car TOYOTA SIENTA that you can understand and know, so that later you can anticipate in advance. Of course, if you need a car with enough capacity would be wise to choose a Toyota Innova which has the most spacious cabin in its class.