The Braun Shaver Series 9 – You Should Check This Electric Shaver

Having a great electric shaver is a thing that every man wants to have. Yep, it is because we usually get some troubles when start shaving our beard. However, we are here not to discuss about the problems which usually come because of bad electric shavers, but we give you the most efficient shaver in this world. Here, we will share you some information about braun shaver series 9.

The Braun Series 9

Braun Shaver Series 9

Here, the quality of this electric shaver doesn’t need to be questioned anymore. By utilizing Syncro Sonic technology, the Series 9 is able to produce 40.000 cross cutting actions in a minute. Here, this technology has a capability to read and adapt to the contour of your face. The density which is produced per minute is 160 times. The design which has been chosen, is modern and ergonomic. It is made to create a comfortability on its grip. On the front grip, there is an LED indicator and a power button.

Besides, the Braun Series 9 also has a 10-D flexible shaving system which will cut the hair cleanly. Here, the MicroMotion system is combined with the MacroMotion system to make maximum facial adaptability. Moreover, this electric shaver is also equipped with a 2x specialized middle trimmer. The other thing which makes the Series 9 becomes a great shaver is, it utilizes 5 shaving elements. These elements are HyperLift & Cut trimmer, Direct & Cut trimmer, Protective SkinGuard, and 2x Opti Foil.

The other features which are installed in the Series 9 are Precision trimmer – providing an accurate and easy sideburn shaping, Multi HeadLock – locking the shaver head which can be adjusted in 5 different positions, nice grip – giving a secure handling, 100% waterproof – can even be submerged in 5 meters of depth, LED display – which shows the status of battery, hygiene, and lock indicator, cordless shaving – with Li-Ion battery, it will ease your shaving, and quick charge – giving you an hour energy by charging in 50 minutes.

Is it worth to purchase?

If you want to try an electric shaver which has a great quality, you are suggested to purchase the Braun Series 9. As been described before, there are so many features which can ease your shaving. Moreover, the Series 9 will not make your skin become irritated, sore, or itchy – which is the most major problem which we have to deal with. Besides, this electric shaver also has an advanced Clean & Charge system. Here, the 5 action alcohol-based system will hygienically charges, lubricates, and cleans this electric shaver.

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The Braun Shaver Series 7 – The Best Electric Shaver

Having a problem with your electric shaver? You may need to know about braun shaver series 7. As we know, there are so many products of shaver which are made in this world. Yet, the best shavers are not that many. So, to help you know the best products which should be purchased, we are going to show you the shavers which are made by Braun – especially for the Series 7.

The Braun Shaver Series 7

Braun Shaver Series 7Before showing you those two shavers, it is better for you to know the features which are carried by the Series 7 first. Here, Braun has created the most advanced Sonic technology which has a capability to read and adapt to the contour of your jaw. Not only that, the Series 7 can produce 10.000 micro vibrations in a minute. Which means, the Series 7 will be able to cut the hair perfectly. Besides, there are 3 shaving modes which can be chosen as the shaving process. Those modes are Normal, Intensive, and Extra Sensitive mode.

The Series 7 also has ActiveLift Trimmer, OptiFoil, Protective SkinGuard, and an advanced display which shows the battery status and the hygiene. A powerful Li-Ion battery which becomes the energy source, only needs to be charged in 50 minutes if you want a full battery. Then, it will give you an hour energy. When we talk about the maintenance of Braun Series 7, it is pretty simple. You only need to rinse it under running water. Yep, this kind of electric shaver is 100% waterproof. Moreover, the Series 7 is also IPX7 certified, because it can be submerged in the 5 meters of depth.

What about the types of Series 7?

After knowing some information about this modern electric shaver, now you can choose the type which is suitable for you. Here, the quality which is carried is completely same. The difference is only in the features. The types of Series 7 are 7899cc silver, 7865cc grey, and 7898cc silver. All of these types are installed with an intelligent Sonic technology, Wet & Dry technology, pivoting shaving head, flexible cutting elements, and advanced display which shows the battery status, hygiene, & foil indicator – 7865cc with 3 levels battery.

Besides, the braun shaver series 7 is installed with electric razor shaves which is as close as 0.05 mm. Which means, it is as thin as a half of human hair. Not only that, the Series 7 also has a Clean & Charge station. Which is, this electric shaver has 5 action alcohol-based system which hygienically charges, lubricates, and cleans the shaver and blades. So, are you going to purchase one?