10 Ideas For A Fantastic Garden

10 Ideas For A Fantastic Garden

In this Book of Ideas we will propose 10 ideas for the garden of our experienced architects and landscapers. Tips and tricks to have an ever-welcoming and orderly garden, to enjoy in security and total relaxation the exterior of the house, well-maintained and tastefully decorated and functionally furnished spaces. Let’s see how follow us.

Spaces entirely dedicated to relaxation

In the garden, they must find very often the unpleasant elements, such as trash bin and garbage collection, which we all would do without having around solasbars. In this case, the solution can be to cut out protected areas in the garden, sheltered from hedges like the one we see, which leave the presence of the unpleasant elements, cutting out completely dedicated spaces for relaxation.

Liven up the garden

Planters and vases often represent the very soul of a garden. To make it livable and renewed, a small painting-painting operation can suffice. In this way it will be possible to introduce a color note, but also to renew the look of the flower boxes.

Limit the lawn

To close and effectively limit the presence of the lawn in the garden, a trace along the perimeter or an entire gravel-covered area can represent the right solution. As we can see in this picture, the drainage layer could also have room for a pedestal, for a conversation area equipped with garden furniture such as the sofas we see, arranged around the wood-burning fireplace.

Upcycling for the garden

The garden is the ideal space to give space to the uptic, that is to say, the practice of restoring and retrieving old-fashioned objects to life, for example, as original and rich style vases and flower boxes.

Try new garden furniture

To give new life to the garden configuration, whenever possible, you can replace them with different furniture, different styles and designs, to transform the space according to your wishes.
A multifunctional solution

A structure like the one we see, with iron covering and transparent glass walls, can be very effective not just to enjoy the garden in any kind of condition, but also to keep it in order by getting inside the space to collect the tools for The care and maintenance of the garden.

The artificial grass option

Certainly it will not be like the natural one, but in terms of care and maintenance the artificial grass option is great to save you time and effort. And the results can be very effective, as we see in this picture.

A good watering system

For those who have to care for and keep a lawn in order and always lush, the need for a good watering system is very important and saves energy and time, and even water, precious to use with care and with judgment.

Choosing The Right Bedding Sets For Your Kids

Prefer choosing eco-friendly or organic bedding if you have decided to give first priority to the health of your little one. You might be under the impression that choosing organic bedding options such as a bamboo bedding set is compromising on the fun that is associated with decorating your kid’s room with an elegant theme. But this is not true at all. A number of attractive and decorative options are available in organic bedding products that can steal the attention of people.

Choosing a bamboo comforter set for your child’s bed is one of the best ways to show your love for your child. Your child would love to have such beautiful and useful bedding items and would also appreciate your gesture. The manufacturers of organic beddings provide their customers with some of the most beautiful and unique products available. It is really easy to find elegant and colorful bedding solutions in the market.

kids bedroom furniture

Considerations for buying organic bedding set

While buying bedding set for your child’s bedroom, prefer choosing one that has a good fabric. Ensure that it is free from bleach and chemicals that could pose a health hazard for your little one. You must opt to buy bamboo bedding set because it is breathable and safe for your child. The skin of your little one is tender and soft. So, it is better to choose a fabric that will not irritate his skin, eyes or nose. Your prime consideration should be to buy bed sheet that keeps your kid healthy and also provides him the required comfort.

Why opt for organic bedding for your kid’s bed?

One of the main reasons of using organic bedding is the fact that they are healthy and are free of toxins and chemicals. They are eco-friendly and help in providing sound sleep. They are available in a large variety of materials including bamboo, jute, latex, silk and bamboo. You can buy any material depending upon your choice, budget and the climate. Out of all the organic bedding, bamboo sets are very popular these days. You can find them in a wide array of designs, colors and patterns. When you are in the process of decorating your kid’s bed with the help of them, buy ones that match the taste of your kid.

Selecting right products for your kid’s room is important, just select from www.mebelkamal.com, You need to be very careful while doing so because all items in the room must cater to his/her need, health and taste. Take special care while choosing comforters and pillows for your little one because it will allow him/her to enjoy a good slumber.

Wood Benches – Decorate Your Patio with a Beautiful Wood Bench

When you think of a wood bench, you might picture a wooden garden bench used in a public setting like a garden or park. You might think of one as a handy resting spot while you are out and about, or as a quaint spot to sit and reflect in a park. It is very nice to sit down on a comfortable wood bench, to rest your legs during a long walk, and to take in the beauty and peacefulness of the outdoors. What many people are doing is, they are bringing the feel and look of the wooden bench to their own homes. A wood bench can complement any outdoor patio, deck, garden, backyard or porch beautifully. One brings a lot of character and decoration to your outdoor space. And a well placed bench can sure come in handy.

People add a wood bench to the outdoor area of their home for many reasons. For one, it looks really good. A wooden bench has a quaint and cozy look to it, and is sure to spice up any otherwise boring corner. It is also very beautiful to look at, and will blend in naturally with a garden, grass, trees, pavement, a deck and even with other patio furniture. Having your own wooden bench in your backyard is also very useful. You can use your bench for a spot to put on your sneakers before going for a walk, you can use it as a resting spot whilst gardening, and you can use it for extra seating when you have a few guests over. Many people may not consider getting an outdoor bench, but once they have one, they wonder what they would do without it. A much-needed seat can make the world of difference in the enjoyment of your outdoor space.

Garden bench

Wood benches can be found in a range of different styles and can be constructed of several different types of wood. When deciding on a bench for your outdoor space, be sure that you are looking at an outdoor wood bench. You will want a bench that has been constructed specifically for outdoor use, as there are models which are strictly for indoor use. Good outdoor wood benches will have the durability needed to be able to withstand prolong exposure to the elements. You want your bench to be able to last through many years of sun and rain exposure. Depending on the type of wood used, you will need to maintain your wood furniture accordingly. High quality woods may simply need to be treated once a year. Wood benches to keep an eye out for are teak, eucalyptus and cedar, as outdoor furniture constructed from these woods is often highly durable against outdoor weather conditions.

Along with the different woods used in wooden benches, you can also find different styles and looks. Wood benches can be backless, have a back-rest, be cushioned or without cushions, come varnished or unvarnished and be various degrees of color. When deciding on a bench, choose one you think will blend well in the area you intend to place it. Will it be alongside any other wooden patio furniture? Will the different wood furniture go well together? And be sure to pick one you like the appearance of, as adding character, beauty and decoration to your outdoor space is one of the main benefits of a wooden bench.

It is also important when shopping for a wood bench from direct wood bench company, to pick one that has a sturdy construction and is well made. You want to be able to sit on the bench often and comfortably, and you want to be able to enjoy using it for a long time.

The End Of The Work In An Apartment With No Hopes

The End Of The Work In An Apartment With No Hopes

Today we propose a project by architects with plans to show a good example of how small changes can sometimes prove to be radical, as in the case of this old and small apartment in Lisbon.

On this tour we are going to take, you can verify that a coat of paint, the choice of furniture and tasteful arrangements are able to implement a major transformation. Let’s take a closer look …

The kitchen

In the picture we can see both the state besetting the kitchen, which made the change. The result certainly has a more modern taste of the new owner of this house.

A renovated kitchen

The kitchen is the best example of the end result of this work, because after surgery, has become a modern place, simple but elegant, whose colors are mostly black and white, but with a wide variety of grays. All very simple but at the same time very dynamic, especially the coating reminiscent of the stone slabs.

Natural light

In this image we appreciate the change as a whole, but we are particularly interested in seeing what involves the removal of a traditional window, replaced by a coating of glass blocks, ideal to allow the light to penetrate into the environment, and at the same time to glimpse the outside kitchen.

The kitchen entrance

We can see that, in front of the wooden door, there is a space, a kind of input. However, the jobs have replaced the outdated floor with porcelain tile, both in the kitchen in the space outside. In addition, there is now a completely transparent glass door. Certainly, the whole is much more natural, without forgetting that it was removed the outer gate, visible on the left side of the image.

The input changes

The appearance of the environment has undergone a radical change, but only in appearance, because in reality the operation was performed in a very delicate. For example, the ceiling repainting, respecting the moldings of the same, or on the doors, that have not been replaced or modified, including the old handles. In addition to this, the installation of the mirror, the chandelier and colorful carpets are small additions can radically change a space, making it modern and stylish.

The bathroom changes

The bathroom is one of the spaces that require greater attention, as regards the processing after the reform. compared to as it appeared previously, now there is a cabinet with integrated sink, realized according to the available space. Consequently, even other health care have been replaced with other from the most modern forms.