External Samsung D3 Station Hard Drive

External Samsung D3 Station Hard Drive

We could not, for a guide to buying the best possible external hard drives, do not think of extreme cases, or those who need huge amounts of memory as they may be immersed in a sea of ??trouble with their PC, Even in a sea of ??data. If you love turning 4K feature lengths, backing up all of the most cutting-edge games and therefore heavier or doing any other activity that requires a huge amount of space, the Samsung D3 Station is all that’s right for you. The external hard drive has a capacity of up to 5 TB, with a transfer rate of up to 5 GB per second, and unlike any other external hard drives in this ranking, it will need to be powered to power in order to operate. As imaginable, the dimensions are larger, with sides of 30 x 15 cm (3.5 inches) for 11 centimeters thick and almost 800 grams of weight. He also, like all the latest state-of-the-art external hard drives, has USB 3.0 support and also includes SafetyKey security for data and backup software inside it hard drive. It is priced at 149.37 euros with free shipping, discounted by 220 euros each product, very convenient if we think that 2TB external hard drives cost almost 100 euros.

Toshiba Canvio Basics, with its sober design and also with 1TB of internal memory, will only be available for 54.10 euros, which is a price at which external hard drives are usually sold with a lower capacity than this teknorus.From 119x79mm (2.5 inches) and 15mm thick, it is still smaller than the previously-described Western Digital competitor, but we can not say the same for weight weighing 209 grams . Also usable here is the USB 3.0 technology.

External Seagate Expansion Hard Drive

At the 4th place among the best external hard drives 2015, we put in a different design from a hard disk, which is united with a black color, very minimal and sharp corners, and this is a style that first impressed the idea That the device is very thin. Impression then confirmed when we actually checked that its thickness is only 14.8 mm, its dimensions are 117 x 80 mm (2.5 inches) and the weight is 0.17 kg.Seagate Expansion’s capacity is 1TB and the average transfer rate is 625MB per second, thanks to the presence of USB 3.0 technology.

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