Healthy Benefits of Playing Football for Children

Football is the most popular sport in the world, including in Indonesia. Many people, especially the men who play it regularly along with his friends. For kids themselves, football is included in a fun game to do. In addition to the fun, health experts say that children who like to play football can benefit from a bone that is much healthier and stronger.

In a study conducted by Dimitris Vlachopoulos from Exeter University, UK, it was mentioned that children who play football regularly tend to experience better bone development when compared with children who do sports swimming or cycling. This is caused by football games that tend to make the child’s body movements become more intense.

Football for Children

In a study published in the journal Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, at least 116 boys in the 12 to 14 year age range were included. Dimitris and his team checked the bone mineral content, particularly in the lumbar spine or lower back and upper legs. For information, quite a lot of cases of osteoporosis and fractures that occur in both parts of the bone. The result is, the bone mineral content of the lumbar spine of children who play 7 percent more football than cycling children. In addition, the upper leg bone also 5 percent has more bone mineral content. By routinely doing so, the child can actually lower the risk of osteoporosis and significant fractures as adults later.

In fact, other sports such as tennis, badminton, and basketball can also have the same positive impact on the development of a child’s bone as long as it is done regularly from an early age. It’s just that, especially in football, Dimitris recommends children to do it 3 hours a week in order to get maximum benefits.

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