Homemade Kaki Jam Here Is The Tutorial!

Homemade Kaki Jam Here Is The Tutorial!

Homemade kaki jam is really an easy and delicious recipe to do in just a few minutes and in a few steps. This simple idea for baking and tasting fruit can also be used for cherries, apples, apricots, peaches and all the seasonal fruits you want. Here’s the recipe.
Hazel Jam Recipe


4 persimmons very mature
250 gr. of sugar
½ thickening envelope for jams


Peel and cut the 4 khaki in pieces
Put them in a pot
Add 250 gr. Sugar and half thickener envelope
Cook on average flame and mix well until you get the right density of the jams
Turn off the cooker after 1520 minutes and allow the mixture to cool for one hour
Take a hermetically sealed vessel and fill it with the mixture and then turn it into the fridge!

The tutorial was made by Lucia’s Fiabe.
Curiosity and advice on kaki consumption

Kaki is also known as the Oriental Apple, as it comes from China.

Defined by the Chinese as the Tree of the Seven Virtues because

He lives for a long time
Gives a big shadow
Gives the birds the chance to nest among their branches
It is not attackable by parasites
Its yellow-red leaves in autumn are decorative to the gels
The wood gives a good fire
And the seventh virtue consists of the richness in fertilizing substances the soil for the fall of the abundant foliage.

In Italy it spread after 1850, especially in southern Italy. The kaki tree is now considered the tree of peace, because in the devastating atomic bombing of Nagasaki of August 1945 only a few kaki trees survived.Let the sauce get cool for at least an hour in the fridge before serving it with the sweet. In a saucepan pour the cream and chop the chocolate melt and mix everything in low heat

After reading this anecdote, I think it’s wise to eat them in the winter season; Especially a creamy or persimmon jam is ideal for accompanying cheeses with a strong taste.In feeding children, then, it’s good not to skip the snack, which must be healthy and genuine. Chips, ice cream, snacks or sweet sweets and calories if taken often, tend to balance the nutritional balance of children. So, prepare cakes and sweets with fruit, yogurt or non-fat foods. Browse the photo gallery for tips on recipes and to prepare sweets that are good for children.

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