8 ball pool game is a game of billiards which is now its much better than android smartphone or using a pc in conducting the game 8 ball pool hack . Where this game can be played online by users to play, bet and met opponents in cyberspace. Of course, with the number of users of this billiards game a lot of players want to find tips and tricks about the game in order to enter or win the ball with a young 8 ball pool game is easy.

From umpteenth many ways of tips and tricks most people are looking for tips and tricks on how you can enter the first ball of the game 8 ball pool so that players can determine the ball where they want to take, to easily and quickly to win the game 8 ball pool and get betting on the game of billiards on this one. With the number of searches on this one then I will share how to enter the first ball of the game 8 ball pool ehingga the players can be easy to determine the order of balls which they would choose.

Incorporate Stages 8 Ball pool in the First Punch !!

As for how to enter the first ball is certainly going to be a very useful tips for players 8 ball pool to be retried at a game of billiards certainly this one as follows

  1. Do not count on hitting the ball leading current players usually start the game directly hit the white ball from the middle of the table to the forefront of the ball because if you are still new and do not yet have a cane or stick is still standard and you will not be able to enter the ball by relying on leading ball. Seek the ball besides targeting the forefront ball and white ball Granted apart in the middle of the table.

8 ball pool ball first

  1. Keep the 2 ball because with the second ball when you steer a white ball of course there will be an extra boost of power and the second ball so most likely there will be a ball that enters with a powerful punch of course.


  1. Spin, preferably after directing the white ball to shoot the ball that you want to try to do extra effort by Spin where Spin serves to regulate or direct the direction of motion of the white ball after hitting the ball that we want and the white ball will move in the direction of spin that we set course with full power in order to be able to sign the first ball.


That’s some way to enter the first ball of the game 8 ball pool so that you can determine what you want the ball and set to win the game 8 ball pool with ease.

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