Only 80 Square Meters For Simple But Charming Rustic Home

Only 80 Square Meters For Simple But Charming Rustic Home

Today we’ll show rustic house of only 80 square meters, designed so as to be a haven to escape the chaos of the city, thanks to the simple and cozy interior; These areas are characterized by a careful choice of materials, while being extremely simple in style. This construction of 12 x 8 meters combines good taste, simplicity and functionality using wood as the main material in its various forms, from the pension to its outer covering, as well as the use of technology to incorporate the wood with other materials, without forgetting the importance of style and sustainability of consumption in the home.

We find out what it is.

The main facade

The frontal plane of the facade has an architecture fully functional and simple. The porch welcomes guests in the best way and, for this reason, the main facade of the house is linear and hot shows, combining wood, tile and cement board In particular, the wood pellets have been employed to obtain the striped effect of the white walls.

The porch closely

Crossing the threshold of the porch, you enter a large, covered area that welcomes guests and, at the same time, functions as a place of recreation, with chairs and a small table for coffee comfortable. From this point of view, one sees the wooden body of the structure, constituted by an intersection of the beams and columns, giving the observer the impression of extreme solidity. In contrast, there are the white walls and the floor, covered with ceramic by shades of beige which gives warmth to the entire space.

A warm living room

When we open the front door, we find ourselves directly into the dining room, which welcomes guests with a welcome prospect and welcome. As for the exterior flooring, the same colors and materials for the inner were employed, while the walls echo the white tone of the facade, making this small house of only 80 m2 more spacious and bright.

Thanks to the selection of furniture and simple decoration, the main social area neither disordered nor small, in addition to having a balanced taste and full functionality in its interior.

A large dining room with living room

Another point of view allows us to observe the rest of the main room, where the comfortable living room, has shades of white and lots of lights. Exactly behind the dining room, we have a wall that separates the living area from the modern kitchen with light, neutral tones, this kitchen is united social area through the use of white and continuity of the wooden ceiling, which has the maximum height just in the living area, while the slope is directed towards the kitchen area.

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