Rule 13 Features Smartphone Camera Default This Traveling photos you’ll be different

There may be some of you who are operating the camera phone to simply documentation only when you’re traveling. Features auto on the camera phone is very indulgent and sufficient when the conditions that are required in photographing fast.

It helps you to know and use the inherent features of the camera phone to maximize your ability to take control of your phone’s camera. Various situations can you capture the results of a charming if you can understand the features of your phone’s camera.

If some of the features I have mentioned below do not appear in the default camera app with your camera, try using a third party application that usually has particularly full features to optimize the availability of the hardware on your phone. Best digital camera 2017

1. Grid

Grid allows us to place objects within the frame of our pictures. When we turn on the grid it will appear two parallel horizontal lines and two vertical lines are parallel, then divide the screen into 9 parts. Using this feature will allow you to more easily use the rule of thirds in the frame, straighten it from being tilted, as well as many other things that you can do more.

2. Aspect ratio

Aspect ratio is the ratio between length and width of the photo. If the image is square, in terms of length and width the same size, the photo has the aspect ratio of 1: 1. Aspect ratio is the hallmark of Instagram before it supports landscape and portrait formats. Camera phones usually have aspect ratio of 4: 3, 3: 2 and 16: 9. The use of aspect ratio it allows you to try to decorate a photo frame with the limited form of length and width ratio of the photo.

3 hours

Most people use the timer feature is when they photograph themselves either wear tongsis or puts them on a flat media. The timer on the camera phones usually have a time span of 2 seconds, 5 seconds and 10 seconds. If you’re in low-light conditions when faced with the object of shooting which tend to be quiet, use timer 2 seconds to take a picture.

Why wear a timer? Because the use of the timer will reduce small shock to your phone. When you are not using a timer, such as using the shoot button on your cell phone camera, usually occur a small shock when you touch or even press the button.

Small shock on the phone when you’re shooting in low light conditions will make the image becomes blurred, because the phone’s camera shutter speed slower than your ability to keep the camera phone in the idle state.

4. Use the highest resolution and highest quality

Choose the photo capture settings on your phone’s camera to the highest resolution and highest quality. Impact is the size of the photo becomes a little larger than usual. Pictures with the resolution and the recording quality is good it will be easier in the subsequent editing process, either cropping, color quality improvement, to increase the brightness in dark areas.

5. The manual mode on the camera

Not all cameras have a manual mode in a triangular arrangement of exposure, such as shutter speed, aperture and ISO. There are several mobile phone manufacturers are indeed embed hardware beberda camera in the classroom. The ability of a camera phone with manual mode it can make you be more creative in taking objects that are in front of you.

6. Choose a focal point

Mobile phones with touch screens allow you to take pictures, one of which is to choose the focus point. Get used to suppress the area we are going to focus before pressing the shutter button. This way than to focus on areas of focus, as well as to lock the camera ekxposure and some use it as a mobile phone to light metering that is in the frame. Do not until after I got home, you realize that many photos are out of focus.

7. Turn on review after shooting

This feature will bring up the photos that you have taken the time to see 2-3 seconds. This feature helps you to decide whether to take the same picture again or not.

8. Know shutter lag between photos

If you ever take pictures of your friends were jumping into the water, then you’ll never get the results with your friends who have been in the water. Desire is actually a get position when your friends float on the water, even if you press the shutter button when you think fit. Each camera phones have the time lag between shutter button with a camera taking a picture. You need adjustment in order to obtain the right moment to understand the timing of this break.

9. HDR

Some mobile phones already provide HDR feature in the default camera application. HDR made our pictures will be visible balance between dark and light areas. The ability of the camera’s eye still far behind the human eye, so to get a bright image of the ends of the frame, then use the camera HDR feature on your phone.

10. Panorama

If you’re traveling in nature, use camera panorama feature on your phone. Although the panorama feature on the default application to make a decrease in resolution, you can use third-party applications to obtain high-resolution panoramic images. The concept of super wide photo will allow you to enjoy again when it returned home.

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