Take Position Fashion And The Importance Of The Point Of View

Take Position Fashion And The Importance Of The Point Of View

It could definitely argue that fashion occupies the vanguard positions between creative and social expressions which require the return and express the need to take a stand on social and cultural events. Despite the claim can arouse scandal, we can say that it is also one of the few contemporary creative expression that is expressing the urgency and importance of perspective. An awkward position that fashion has always looked askance by the official culture, took a bit ‘to save herself and much reaction as the flattening of thought that characterizes today’s global world. Dominated by the approval and, even worse, indifference. In his stance it has also taken the risk of being in the wrong. Because today, and not only recently, when it issues an opinion and affirms the originality of his thought, the risk of finding themselves isolated, alone to fight for their ideas and their vision, against overwhelming majorities who claim the opposite.

Fashion, taking advantage of widespread consideration that wants expression of snobbery, has long since decided to move away from neutrality in which they sunk the civil and creative society http://kacamatapedia.com. A neutrality for fashion would be a manifestation of indifference to the world that, instead, should be described. But indifference is a syndrome that occurs when the habit dominates the thought. And fashion is not habit.

Do not try either desire or revulsion for something, an idea, for example, is not a great cultural exercise. Indeed, indifference, with his drive in search of tranquility, the laissez-faire, the search for compromise, annuls the creative impulse. The artistic, social and, therefore, that of thought. The society in which we live, fascinated by the weak thought that then became very weak until it disappears in the passive acceptance of things that happen, basks in the lack of reaction. It is decades that the reduction was raised to diffuse power, a legitimate expression of the unique thought. That is why the followers and the like of social networks have become a value that satisfies the need to feel approved, to please the majority, if not all. These are all of unknown entities, it does not matter.

Yet, never before have we felt the importance of perspective. Which, paradoxically, it is increasingly demanded by the very network, from the digital world that first convinced everyone of the opposite. But while the real world is still questioned the value of the difference, the technology now requires content, select them, promotes them.

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