The Causes of Pimple on Earlobe

The appearance of acne can lead to our confidence to go down. Because the acne will make the face look worse and not well maintained. Usually a young person is more at risk of acne. There are still many modern people this time who do not understand about the causes of acne. And if they know, it’s really very trivial. What are the causes of pimple on earlobe? Check out more information below.

Here Is The Cause Of Acne:

1. Rarely clean the face

A face that is rarely cleaned every day, it will be more at risk of attacked by the name of bacteria. From these bacteria then it will cause the emergence of acne problems. Too often clean the face is also not good, because it can make the skin lose moisture or dryness. It’s good to clean your face up to 2x a day.

What? A pimple?!

2. Excess oil production

This is the reason why the oily face is more at risk of acne. The appearance of excess oil on the face will automatically bury in the pores. The burden of this oil will usually turn into blackheads. Then gradually become arcane.

3. Consumption of high fat foods

Foods such as eggs, nuts, instant noodles, and so on are believed to make acne easy to appear. This can happen because the foods that contain high fat. So with excessive consumption, it will cause acne problems.

4. Stress

Stress is a condition of the body that is less comfortable due to too much trouble. According to experts, stress can cause about 60% more acne sufferers in the world. This can happen because the pressure of the mind causes the metabolic system and the hormonal system of the body to be disturbed. Thus, acne will be easy to appear on the face. Usually acne that appears due to stress is a type of acne stone or pus. That is the informational review about the causes of acne, either in the face, back, neck, chest, or other parts.

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