The End Of The Work In An Apartment With No Hopes

The End Of The Work In An Apartment With No Hopes

Today we propose a project by architects with plans to show a good example of how small changes can sometimes prove to be radical, as in the case of this old and small apartment in Lisbon.

On this tour we are going to take, you can verify that a coat of paint, the choice of furniture and tasteful arrangements are able to implement a major transformation. Let’s take a closer look …

The kitchen

In the picture we can see both the state besetting the kitchen, which made the change. The result certainly has a more modern taste of the new owner of this house.

A renovated kitchen

The kitchen is the best example of the end result of this work, because after surgery, has become a modern place, simple but elegant, whose colors are mostly black and white, but with a wide variety of grays. All very simple but at the same time very dynamic, especially the coating reminiscent of the stone slabs.

Natural light

In this image we appreciate the change as a whole, but we are particularly interested in seeing what involves the removal of a traditional window, replaced by a coating of glass blocks, ideal to allow the light to penetrate into the environment, and at the same time to glimpse the outside kitchen.

The kitchen entrance

We can see that, in front of the wooden door, there is a space, a kind of input. However, the jobs have replaced the outdated floor with porcelain tile, both in the kitchen in the space outside. In addition, there is now a completely transparent glass door. Certainly, the whole is much more natural, without forgetting that it was removed the outer gate, visible on the left side of the image.

The input changes

The appearance of the environment has undergone a radical change, but only in appearance, because in reality the operation was performed in a very delicate. For example, the ceiling repainting, respecting the moldings of the same, or on the doors, that have not been replaced or modified, including the old handles. In addition to this, the installation of the mirror, the chandelier and colorful carpets are small additions can radically change a space, making it modern and stylish.

The bathroom changes

The bathroom is one of the spaces that require greater attention, as regards the processing after the reform. compared to as it appeared previously, now there is a cabinet with integrated sink, realized according to the available space. Consequently, even other health care have been replaced with other from the most modern forms.