The latest car lamborghini 2017

Lamborghini car is a famous four-wheeled vehicle with a super expensive price. What do you think of when you hear the word expensive? Certainly if expensive is associated with the car, then the quality of the car that can be said to be comparable with the sale price of the car. As with Lamborghini, the selling price is so fantastic to say comparable because the car presents a luxury that will make you comfortable when in it. One of the latest Lamborghini cars sold for billions of dollars is the Veneno Roaster, which was first introduced at the 50th year of Lamborghini. Curious? Check out more information below.

The latest Lamborghini car, Veneno Roaster, includes a very sports car. Why is it said to be very sport, because this expensive car prioritizes the comfort of people who drive it. Of course, not only the exterior design is made slick so that the car can go cool on the streets, but the interior design is no less luxurious and good so you too will feel at home for long in the car and seemed to not want to get off this luxury car. The trip will not feel long if you use Lamborghini as a cars lamborghini veneno 2017

Really wow, this latest Lamborghini car capable of driving up to speed 354 km / h and only takes about 3 seconds. The speed of a car that can be said like a car racer is certainly also influenced by good engine performance. The engine is capable of producing 740 PS power as the engine is powered by a V12 engine that has a cylinder that can accommodate 6.5 liters of fuel. Not only that, aventador advanced features also pinned on the Lamborghini car springs system.

In addition, your comfort in the car is no doubt because the car is designed extensively. You as the owner mobilpun have a share to determine the width of racing wing on the car so you can adjust to your needs and comfort as a driver. Some of the latest Lamborghini car interiors are also made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic and carbon fiber. So, do not be surprised if the car is expensive because it is made of quality materials. Price veneno Roaster in Indonesia can be estimated to reach 20 billion. Just make you think if intend to buy it is not it?

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