The Mistakes To Avoid To Furnish The Bedroom

The Mistakes To Avoid To Furnish The Bedroom

The bedroom our most intimate nest in which to take shelter at the end of the day to recover psycho-physical energies. For this reason it is important to have a friendly and comfortable environment, but how to be able to accomplish this in modern homes, where space is always reduced, often to the detriment of their own bedroom Let’s find out in this book ideas, dedicated to the mistakes to avoid to furnish the bedroom a practical overview with the advice of our experts to help us find the most suitable solutions to our needs.

Choose cold materials

One of the biggest mistakes to avoid when you decorate a bedroom is to choose cold and too modern materials, such as steel, glass or Plexiglas indolexa, impressive but ill-suited to create an intimate and enveloping. Better to focus on natural materials, such as wood or padded fabrics, as we see in this proposal BF STUDIO.

Aim of garish colors

The bedroom should be a restful and relaxing place, so it is better not to decorate it with garish colors and lively. Better than choose white or neutral tones, as we can see in this example proposed by EF_ARCHIDESIGN.

Minimalist and fun

It is an attractive entrance from the clean look, minimal, that can be a good idea for any home. The painted walls of a dark blue are perfectly in tune with the floor from geometric texture in black, white and gray. The mobile from esilissime and uneven mirror legs increases the overall charm.

Flirtatious and natural

This room has everything it takes to be the place that everyone wants to see us before the eyes of opening the door. It has a rustic, antique extremely cozy furnishings.

Furthermore, there are the functional elements, such as a mirror to give us one last look before you leave home, or a hanger for hanging coats. We like it!

An art gallery

If opening the door of your house you do not have a real input, but rather a corridor, you can always think of using it as an art gallery. Place two or three pictures you like, a carpet, some pictures …

Pull shades too different

In addition to the choice of colors also the combinations are essential in creating a cozy bedroom, tidy and in which to relax and feel at ease. For this advice, then, it is to use the bed for linen items referring to the colors of the room or in harmonious contrast – as we see in this proposal INNOVATEDESIGN – avoiding if possible to pull shades too different that could disturb the view.

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