The Photographic Composition – The Contrast

The Photographic Composition – The Contrast

We’ve seen how important it is to know how to play with lines and colors to give meaning and a message to our photography. But there are other elements that play a crucial role for example, contrast is one of the compositional elements that can breed more in people, attracting the observer’s attention to a particular photo rather than another or focusing his attention on A precise point in a scene.

With contrast, attention smiles multimedia, we are not referring to the mere matching of complementary colors (as seen in the article on colors) there are various contrast types such as tonal, subject, geometric, size or position. The contrast is, if you pay attention to the photographs professional lecture, present virtually in any (or almost) click. And let’s remember that another great photographer, Itten, said

The visual elements affecting photographers are line, shape, texture, shape, color and pattern. The photographer should always be able to put one of these aspects into one’s own photograph as they are loads of symbolic value.

In the above photograph we have an example of chromatic contrast (the approach of red and green) as well as of geometric contrast with the presence, within the same scene, of different and complementary shapes and geometries it passes from the curved lines drawn by the files Of chairs on the straight lines of the floor, from the curves of the back to the straight of the seat, all in a nearly manic symmetry.

In the photo of these cacti, however, the point is tonal contrast picture action the tonal difference in the plant’s pigment makes it obvious that the image is much more interesting than photographing it as all green.

In the photo taken above the contrast chosen by the photographer is chromatic the strong difference between the green of the grass and the dark and plumbean sky attracts the attention of the observer more than the similar photo with a traditionally blue sky.

Another example of contrast is imbalance in the photo above (Itten) the photographer has perfectly made the concept, loading the photo in one place. The observer’s attention is captured precisely by the imbalance of the objects placed inside it.

This picture, similar to the previous one, has the opposite concept balancing. The figure on the left is in fact balanced by the picture that you can see on the right.

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