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Haidong Gumdo Warriors

Haidong Gumdo is a martial art that comes from an old Korean nation called Koguryo (B.C.37-A.D. 668). It was founded through Master Sul Bong that created a dojang through Sam Ji Lake in the Baekdoo Mountains as well as taught his pupils a falchion located fighting style based upon the ideas of patriotism, filial obedience, valuing the aged and carrying out righteousness.

Amongst them, the outstanding ones were gotten in touch with Samurang as well as they were actually consistently at the front line of the struggle against oppression.

These warriors along with their know-how of saber fighting as well as Carry out (properly) were actually a substantial aid to the great Koguryo Kings. The Samurangs assisted and ended up being generals prevent the threatening nearby nations as well as assisted a large amount to Koguryo’s reliability as well as security.

Koguryo’s Samurang device was actually offered long before the knighthood of Paekche and also the Hwarangdo of Shilla (that are typically credited as originators of Taekkyon of the Taekwondo unit) and also was used to train up several skilled warriors.

The results of the Koguryo soldiers they led were without precedent in Korean history. By means of their leadership, an old Chinese country Su along with 2 thousand intruders was beat which had never been done before. With these soldiers the people of Koguryo enjoyed over 700 years of safety and also were actually the control country in the far east.

The cussed spirit of the Samurang which kept the peace and also fair treatment also left an important spiritual and pleasure to their offspring.

Past of the Samurang

The background of the Samurang is actually quite exciting, very discussed, as well as certainly not popular. Depending on to author Joshua Marino, their method came to be the groundwork for Japanese Samurai after the Chinese attack of Koguryo.

The leading Samurang generals fled to Japan in 668AD after the Chinese invasion as well as the loss of the Koguryo militaries. They spoke Japanese and mandarin and ended up being hermit abbots to leave the Chinese ethnic cleansing that began.

They proceeded their lifestyle, as well as over a time period of 500 years, their descendants made the Japanese Samurai training class. To learn more, our experts encourage reviewing the outstanding publication, Kwanjangnim Original Haidong Gumdo by Mr. Marino.

The Samurang who carried out certainly not most likely to Japan left behind society and started to live hidden away in mountains to leave their elimination.

Although the Chinese occupiers worked hard to obliterate all created referrals to the conventional Korean martial arts, these enthusiasts trained in secret and protected their past history bied far vocally coming from professional to pupil. After Hideyoshi’s infiltration of Korea in 1592, Japanese Kendo sprouted in Korea.

That as well as the Japanese attack of Korea in the early part of the 20th century aided to nearly wipe out conventional Korean martial arts. However as a result of a new project to recover traditional Korean martial arts, nowadays many standard Korean martial arts are generating origins once more in Korea.

The arts that ended up being Haidong Gumdo were actually taught by Grand Master Jang Baek San about 40 years ago in an edge mountain range to the existing World Haidong Gumdo Federation head of state Kim Jeong Ho.

Professional Kim had received his preliminary training in Kumdo, or Korean Kendo (the Japanese sword art) however Master Kim had felt that the fine art was as well Japanese, and paid attention to one on one sparring. He chose instruction in the surprise Korean sword fine arts to assist carry them to light much like had attended Taekwondo vacant possession methods.

Professional Kim

To take care of the deficiencies with Kumdo, Master Kim made Haidong Gumdo to be based upon approaches for battle and also one warrior against many others. Kendo/Kumdo procedures are based on 1 on 1 combat. There are actually a myriad of historic Korean sword arts that Master Kim trained in, consisting of Sang So Do (pair of handed sword training) and others.

These arts can all be discovered in the Muye Dobo Tongi, a manual of conventional Korean martial arts authored in 1798 through General Yi Duk Moo to preserve Korean Martial Arts past history. Various other historic Korean saber crafts feature: Ye Do (quick falchion), Je Dok Gum (Admirals Sword), Ssang Gum (two falchions), and so on.

Haidong Gumdo added these fine arts to it is actually educational program through generating a series of 10 -15 types based on each of them. These have come to be the main forms (Gum Bup) of Haidong Gumdo. Professionals of Haidong Gumdo for that reason discover the Ssang So Gum Bup, Ye Carry Out Gum Bup, Shimsang Gum Bup, Bonkuk Gum Bup, Jang Baek Gum Bup, Haidong Gum Bup, and also others.

Haidong Gumdo Techniques

The simple procedures of Haidong Gumdo feature fence, cutting, plunging, fight as well as stomach breathing physical exercises as well as are the base that aided Koguryo’s Samurang become Koguryos very most powerful fighters in its history.

Consequently, some of the main features of Haidong Gumdo is certainly not the simplicity of Japanese Kendo neither the complication of Chinese Kung-Fu sword arts. Instead, it takes honor in being the most reasonable saber craft.

For old Koguryo to stand 700 years while China looked at the Han empire to the Tang dynasty and the rise and fall of numerous countries especially those as renown as the country Dongijock, is actually no small achievement.

Just about 1300 years after the Koguryo empire, the magnificent past history of Korean sword arts through Haidong Gumdo was actually brought back. As pupils of Korean history, our company possess terrific devotion for Koguryo yet we have small know-how to load our devotion.

Hence, as descendants of Great Koguryo that subjugated the north for 700 years, the founders of Haidong Gumdo wish all that perform it will definitely acquire this will of the historical Samurang and teach the planet the spirit of Koguryo with Haidong Gumdo.

Modern Haidong Gumdo History

On April 10th, 1984, he formed the Korean Haidong Gumdo Federation in the Seocho area of Seoul and also set up the World Haidong Gumdo Federation on November 25, 1996. On July 23, 2002, the very first World Haidong Gumdo Championship was actually kept in Yong Pyung arena in Kang Won Province.

Coming From July 25th to 27th in 2004, The 2004 World Haidong Gumdo Championship was actually likewise properly stored along with over 10,000 rivals from 31 nations.

Currently, Haidong Gumdo is just one of the globe’s fastest growing martial arts along with a million experts and also over 1,300 training centers in fifty countries.

The fine arts that came to be Haidong Gumdo were coached through Grand Master Jang Baek San about 40 years ago in a border mountain to the current World Haidong Gumdo Federation head of state Kim Jeong Ho. Specialists of Haidong Gumdo consequently know the Ssang So Gum Bup, Ye Do Gum Bup, Shimsang Gum Bup, Bonkuk Gum Bup, Jang Baek Gum Bup, Haidong Gum Bup, as well as others.

Just about 1300 years after the Koguryo empire, the magnificent record of Korean falchion crafts with Haidong Gumdo was taken back. Thereby, as descendants of Great Koguryo that ruled over the north for 700 years, the founders of Haidong Gumdo wish all that exercise it is going to inherit this will certainly of the old Samurang as well as educate the globe the spirit of Koguryo via Haidong Gumdo.

On April 10th, 1984, he established the Korean Haidong Gumdo Federation in the Seocho district of Seoul and also established the World Haidong Gumdo Federation on November 25, 1996.

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