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The extremely cherished Panama Amazon is a reasonably uncommon subspecies of yellow-fronted Amazon understood for its own playful, non-aggressive individual. It is actually a friendly pet that enjoys communicating along with people. This medium-sized environment-friendly parrot can be a prodigious talker when trained carefully.

Species Overview
COMMON NAMES: Panama Amazon, Panama yellow-headed Amazon parrot, Yellow-fronted Amazon parrot

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Amazona ochrocephala panamensis, Amazona panamenisis

ADULT SIZE: 12 as well as thirteen inches, analyzing regarding thirteen ozs

LIFE EXPECTANCY: 40 to 60 years

Source and History

The Panama Amazon parrot’s all-natural variety prolongs coming from northern Colombia to western Panama, consisting of the Pearl Islands as well as Coiba. Like various other Amazon parrot types, it lives principally in rain forests.

An amazing find in the pet profession, the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species lists the Panama Amazon as an endangered species. Holding is actually forbidden, reduction of environment and also unlawful holding has considerably decreased crazy populaces of this bird.


Panama Amazons are social, amusing birds that have actually ended up being progressively well-known as pets in recent times. Their higher intellect, paired with their lively attribute, makes them fit as pets for families as well as active houses. They are actually strongly gifted talkers that may receive noisy when the state of mind strikes.

Their social attribute aids to make all of them delicate and loving companions. While this is actually a loving bird, this is actually additionally a very active species, thus this bird needs to have a manager that can easily keep up with it. It has to possess a secure room to play as well as climb outside of the crate each day.

Like all Amazon parrots, Panama Amazons might look at a temporary assertive phase in the course of its own adolescence. This bird needs to have the support of a skilled parrot user to browse through this challenging duration.

Speech and also Vocalizations

Appreciated for its own wonderful talking capacity, it is actually a simple student that can easily imitate noises as well as become an outstanding talker.

Like many Amazons, they usually tend to receive extremely raucous for regarding 10 mins at sunrise and once again at sundown. This clock alarm-like impulse has rollovered from its times staying in the wild as a bird timekeeper.

Panama Amazon Parrot Colors and also Markings

Panama Amazons are primarily environment-friendly with a promising yellow triangular patch on their temples. They have a place of red on the peaks of their wings, flesh-colored feet, and horn-colored beaks. The eye is actually orange, neighbored through an unfeathered white band.

Their taggings commonly lead folks to mistake them along with the well-known yellow-naped Amazon parrot. The differences are actually understated. The Panama Amazon is a bit smaller, a darker shade of environment-friendly, and also it lacks the reddish-orange blemish on the higher part of the beak that the yellow-naped has.

Taking care of the Panama Amazon Parrot

This bird, although little, needs a large crate. A suitable enclosure has a 2-foot by 3-foot impact status 2 1/2 to 5 feets higher. A playpen atop the crate, consisting of a hanging branch, will definitely urge exercise. parrots, including the Panama, can easily put up with a large range of temperatures, however it needs to have to avoid of breezes. parrots thrive on social interaction, as well as they require it to stay happy and healthy. Forgotten birds often fall into devastating habits patterns as well as clinical depression, which can manifest itself in a variety of bodily and psychological complications.

It is essential to set aside opportunity on a daily basis for one-on-one interaction with the bird; this sets up and preserves a healthy connect. For proprietors unable to supply a considerable amount of day-to-day interaction, you might would like to acquire an additional bird to keep it business.

While hand-fed Amazon parrots typically bring in nurturing, loving family pets, many go with bluffing, an aggressive, attacking stage as it moves toward sex-related maturity (at grow older 4 to 5) that some owners can not deal with. Prospective proprietors should bear in mind that if they use a Panama Amazon, they are actually creating a long-lasting commitment.

As a jungle bird, it savors its own recurring showers or even bathtubs. Shower opportunity could be a possibility permanently interaction along with your bird, and also some owners get the bird into the restroom shower along with all of them each early morning. Even more frequently, you can easily bath your bird a number of opportunities weekly making use of a sink spray; this is actually a gratifying expertise for your Panama Amazon parrot.

Common Health Problems

The Panama Amazon is actually a remarkably healthy and balanced bird when thoroughly cared for, but it can likewise build popular health problems found in various other Amazon parrots.

The birds are prone to fungal health conditions including aspergillosis. To prevent this condition from affecting your bird, eliminate any sort of outdated wood shavings or other components that can cling to mold.

Amazons are susceptible to bacterial contaminations. Symptoms consist of dripping undigested droppings as well as respiratory concerns like trouble breathing. These contaminations may be treatable; nonetheless, aspergillosis is usually catastrophic.

If the bird carries out not receive a balanced diet plan or eat sufficient vegetables and fruit, your bird may acquire a vitamin An insufficiency, fatty liver syndrome, or even malignant fatty tumors.

Diet regimen as well as Nutrition

In the wild, the Panama Amazon eats berries, various other fruit products, seeds, vegetations, as well as nuts. Like all Amazon parrots, Panama Amazons do absolute best on a top quality pelleted diet regimen enhanced along with seed mix and regular servings of fresh bird-safe fruits and veggies. A fresh as well as differed diet plan will definitely help ensure that your bird sustains top nourishment.

Specially made pellets are a perfect food as well as should ideally work with around 75 to 80 per-cent of the bird’s diet. Start through providing your bird 3/4 mug of pellet-based parrot mix and also a 1/2 mug of fruits as well as vegetables daily, then adjust depending on to their hunger.

Panama Amazons enjoy consuming along with the family. You may share a large variety of nutritious individual meals with the bird, although carry out certainly not allow it overeat. Like all parrots, avocado and also dark chocolate are actually harmful to these birds.

Exercise Parrots are prone to too much weight increase, thus ensure it receives exercise daily. If you want a Panama Amazon, count on to offer the bird a lowest of 3 to 4 hrs outside of its own crate each day. This specialized physical exercise time are going to allow the bird to burn excess calories, stretch its airfoils as well as muscular tissues, as well as offer it along with essential mental excitement.

Where to Adopt or Buy a Panama Amazon Parrot

Bring in sure to get a bird that is actually captive-bred approved. Some on-line resources where you may locate Panama Amazon parrots consist of:

  • Birds Now
  • Bird Breeders
  • Take on a Pet

Make certain that the dog breeder is actually trusted if you are actually going the dog breeder path. Ask how much time they have been actually multiplying as well as visit their resource. Be sure that the bird you intend to take away looks out, energetic, and also exhibits all the indications of a healthy and balanced bird, such as intense eyes, clean plumes, as well as full plants.

The strongly prized Panama Amazon is actually a relatively uncommon subspecies of yellow-fronted Amazon recognized for its fun, non-aggressive individuality. parrots, featuring the Panama, may accept a large variation of temps, but it requires to remain out of winds.

Even more frequently, you can easily shower your bird numerous times each full week making use of a sink sprayer; this is a pleasing expertise for your Panama Amazon parrot.

Like all Amazon parrots, Panama Amazons perform greatest on a top notch pelleted diet regimen supplemented along with seed mix and regular portions of clean bird-safe fruit products as well as veggies. If you wish a Panama Amazon, anticipate to provide the bird a lowest of 3 to 4 hrs outside of its own crate per time.

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